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Our Clients

Embark on a transformative journey by becoming an Unfound Group client. Unlock tailored solutions, strategic insights, and unparalleled support, propelling your business toward unparalleled heights of success.

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Borderless Ltd pioneers limitless prospects in logistics, e-commerce, and AI-powered technologies. Seamlessly navigate global markets with our innovative solutions, redefining possibilities and connecting you to a borderless future.

Bid Trans

BidTrans is a Freight Exchange platform, where hauliers and shareholders have the right to vote on every single aspect of the platform, the way it operates as a platform or as a business and also, buy shares in to the company.

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bebe rexha monsoori Unfound Group


Monsoori, a symbol of timeless elegance. Their exquisite designs blend tradition with modernity, creating luxury fashion pieces that embody sophistication, beauty, and individuality.
Experience the allure of Monsoori.


Elevate your style with Runway, a Bahraini women's fashion brand. Discover unique creations that capture the essence of local culture while embracing global trends, celebrating individuality with every design.

runway bahrain Unfound Group
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